Register for In-Person Workshops

Register for In-Person Workshops

Hands-On Employee Benefits Sales Workshop

If you are interested in growing your benefits business through customized benefits plans, and ASO plans specifically, this workshop is for you.

Participants will come away with three valuable tools to help them grow their benefits business!

Length: 2 hours

Date: TBD

Time: TBD
Availability: Only 15 advisors may attend each session!

Location: The Benefits Trust (Boardroom) 3800 Steeles Ave. West, Suite #102W, Vaughan, Ontario, L4L 4G9. See GOOGLE MAP.

*Please note that this workshop is not CE credit eligible.

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Eligible Expenses Include:

  • Paramedical Practitioners: such as Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy.
  • Vision Care including Laser Eye Surgery, Contact Lenses, Glasses & Examinations.
  • Medical Facilities including Convalescent Homes & Substance Abuse Facilities.
  • Medical Devices such as Orthotics, Hearing Aids & CPAP machines.
  • Nursing Care to help you recuperate in the comfort of your own home.
  • Expenses Related to Disabilities including special programs tuition, tutoring and home or vehicle modifications.
  • Dental Services Orthodontic & Major Services including Dental Implants.
  • Out of Country Expenses for non-emergency expenses while travelling.
  • Prescription Drugs excluding only over-the-counter medication.
  • PHSP Premiums including any employee-paid premiums for health care or dental care benefits.
  • Private Hospital Room