Fraud Prevention Month 2014

Fraud Prevention Month 2014

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. Fraud is a serious concern for organizations not just across Canada, but internationally. The Benefits Trust seeks to raise awareness about fraud during March in cooperation with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and many other organizations.

We are using this opportunity to raise awareness about fraud and encourage each person to report it when they see it. Fraud exists in many forms, including healthcare fraud, identify theft, medical identity theft, telemarking fraud, social media fraud, credit card fraud, online scams, senior scams, and so on.

Most Canadians will be the target of fraud at some point – particularly considering the proliferation of cyber fraud via email. Reputable organizations, like banks, will never email you asking for your account information, password, or banking details. Likewise, if you receive an email claiming you’ve won the lottery or asking you to move money for someone, report it.

The first step to preventing fraud is to educate yourself and your employees about it – which is why Fraud Prevention Month is focused on raising awareness. As discussed in a press release last year about Fraud Prevention Month from the RCMP, “The good news is that the majority of frauds can be prevented by identifying the methods used by fraudsters. The more you know about a fraud, the less likely you are to fall for it.”

In our Fraud Prevention Month blog last year, we detailed some key fraud prevention tips for benefits plan members. Click here to see it now.

Another important resource is The Little Black Book of Scams, provided by The Competition Bureau of Canada. This book will help you inform yourself about and guard against many of the common fraud schemes. Click here to get the PDF now.

Finally, the Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association (CHCAA) is a great resource for learning about and reporting healthcare fraud. Click here for a slideshow presentation from CHCAA about healthcare fraud prevention best practices.

If you would like to participate in the conversation on Twitter with the CHCAA during March, use the hashtags #hcfraudaware#FPM2014, or mention @joel_CHCAA.

Please take the opportunity to educate yourself about fraud prevention during March, and be vigilant throughout the year to avoid becoming a fraud victim.

>> A well-designed benefits plan can reduce the potential for healthcare fraud. Contact us to discuss how.

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Image source: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

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