Rupert Case Management: After It Happens

Rupert Case ManagementAs a client of The Benefits Trust, you have access to services at Rupert Case Management (RCM).

Have you or someone close to you been diagnosed with a complex health condition? Are you having a difficult time making sense of the medical information being provided to you? Are you being told conflicting things from various health care providers? Are you not receiving the information you want?

If so, Rupert Case Management is here to help. RCM will become your advocate and will help you make sense of it all. RCM manages your whole case; they talk with your doctors and medical practitioners to help identify what you need and they will coordinate how the treatments will be delivered, including referring you to the right doctors and specialists.

Rupert Case Management employs a comprehensive and proven process in managing patients’ complex healthcare needs. As a client advocate, RCM quickly mobilizes to provide the clinical leadership and care coordination needed for managing all of the details of a client’s complex healthcare case. RCM’s services are personalized and responsive with a strong focus on continuity of care with seamless transitions.

RCM services include:
• Case Management
• Concierge Care
• Biopharma Drug Benefit Management
• Mental Health Disability Management
• Wellness Programs
• Case Reviews
• Second Opinions through the TOP DOCS network
• Rapid Recovery Programs

Dr. Raymond Rupert is an expert in real time medical intervention. He has been working with clients with complex health problems throughout Canada since the early 1990s and manages a collaborative team of staff, associates, clinical researchers and experts who are available to help all RCM clients.

Fees and expenses associated with Rupert Case Management can be paid through your benefits plan at The Benefits Trust. For more information, please visit or call 416-488-9412 and mention you are a client of The Benefits Trust.

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