We work exclusively with your benefits advisor to help you design a benefits plan that meets the strategic needs of your business.  The Benefits Trust helps your advisor answer the “what if” questions and build a better benefits plan than you can get anywhere else.

Your benefits advisor’s role is to help you find the best solution for your business.  Often the best solution may include multiple suppliers; benefit classes capturing the different groups within your group of employees; and a budget that fits with your compensation philosophy.  We keep both you and your benefits advisor informed every month about your benefits plan performance.

Some benefits providers may try to cut the advisor out of this relationship.  But at The Benefits Trust we understand the importance of having an advocate on your side.  We will only work with professional benefits advisors on behalf of their clients.

Have your Benefits Advisor contact us about a custom employee benefits plan for your business. We are also happy to answer your questions directly and can recommend to you an experienced advisor in your area should you require it.

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