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Transitioning from a Fully Insured Plan to an ASO Plan (1.0 CE Credit)

Forward-looking benefits advisors understand the value of customized ASO benefits plans that help advisors differentiate their services and help clients finally understand what benefits are costing them. Clients and advisors accustomed to traditional “fully-insured” plans will often have questions on what to expect in this transition.  In fact, making the change to an ASO plan is easy.
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The webinar will cover key factors to consider and communicate when moving to an ASO plan:

  • Plan design
  • Budget setting
  • Managing client expectations
  • Client communications
  • Financial reporting

How to Deal with Difficult Clients (1.0 CE Credit)

Everyone deals with difficult clients from time to time. Whether you’ve been in the group insurance marketplace for more than 30 years like we have, or you’re relatively new, you’ll experience client relationships that are less than ideal. Sometimes, it’s because it was never a good fit to start with or you’re dealing with employees who only see change and problems. Other times, it’s because you as the advisor didn’t notice the early signs of changing client needs or dissatisfaction.
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In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to strengthen and recognize the early symptoms of a deteriorating client relationship:

  • The power of conducting the two-way interview
  • Being seen as a valued advisor
  • Dealing with the right people for the right issues

Previous Webinars

Negotiate Renewals with Authority (1.0 CE Credit)

The renewal report is a critical annual milestone that can trigger questions and concerns from clients. Advisors must be able to explain the factors in a renewal report and assess if the renewal is based on acceptable assumptions. This valuable understanding of renewal factors is critical to place Advisors in a position of strength when negotiating with insurers. This webinar will look at common renewal report terminology and discuss how advisors can determine if it’s time to move the client or keep them with their current insurance provider.
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The webinar will cover individual factors that affect renewal rates including:

  • Incurred but not reported.
  • Recurring claims vs. one-time claims.
  • Target loss ratios & Inflation factors.
  • Large amount pooling.
  • Credibility factors.
  • Change in population.

Association Plans for 2020 and Beyond (1.0 CE Credit)

Establishing a successful association plan can be a financially rewarding experience. Once set up, they provide warm leads and a captive and more engaged group of prospects. However, many plans have also ended in failure, and traditional insurance companies have shown little interest in setting up new association plans, making it harder for advisors to bring their ideas to life.
This webinar will discuss how to identify, build, and nurture an association plan to increase your chance of succeeding.
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In this session you will learn:

  • How to identify good association plan opportunities.
  • Which ones work, which ones don’t, and why.
  • The key to a successful partnership.
  • How to go about building a profitable plan.
  • How to work the plan to maximize profitability.

Grow Your Benefits Business (1.0 CE Credit)

Start 2020 with a bang! If you’re interested in growing your benefits business, this webinar is for you. We’ll discuss how to set your goals and break down the often overwhelming process of how to stay on track to reach those goals. Participants will gain three valuable tools to help you achieve success.

The Building Blocks of a Better Benefits Plan (1.0 CE Credit)

An employee benefits plan is nothing more than a set of underlying “components” or “building-blocks” that make up the whole. But, because of the engrained “take-it-or-leave-it” packaged approach of traditional plan providers, small business owners and their advisors often don’t realize they can choose for themselves which building blocks make sense for their company.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • The core components of any benefits plan
  • Innovative add-ons that help differentiate advisors
  • How to bring these building blocks together to create a better benefits plan

Knowing When to Go ASO and When Not to Go ASO (1.0 CE Credit)

There are situations where choosing an ASO plan for a client makes sense, and there are situations when it doesn’t. Do you know the difference?
This webinar will discuss the top indicators of when ASO funding is the best benefits plan approach for a company – and when it’s better to opt for a tradition/fully-insured plan design.
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In this session you will learn:

  • How to get away from discussing benefits plans as a commodity.
  • How to differentiate a short-term vs. long-term outlook on benefits.
  • When company culture and attitude matters for plan design.

David vs. Goliath (Insurance Broker Version) (1.0 CE Credit)

The benefits advisory business is experience a wave of consolidation, creating large corporate organizations with more business development resources, pricing power, and technology. How do independent brokers compete and thrive in the face of larger, aggressive competitors?
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In this session you will learn:

  • Why larger isn’t always better.
  • Retaining clients and adding value as a smaller boutique firm.
  • The power of customized solutions.
  • Ideas to leverage technology to your advantage.

The Smart Business Owner Benefits Plan (1.0 CE Credit)

Small Business owners often think they’re too small to qualify for employee benefits and Advisors struggle to find an appropriate and flexible plan that truly takes the needs of the business owner(s) into account.
This webinar will discuss how The Smart Small Business Owner Benefits Plan provides Advisors with an easy to follow approach to quickly identify the right plan for their clients, making it easy for them to buy. Furthermore, this plan does not require medical evidence.
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In this session you will learn:

  • Why smart small business owners prefer this benefits plan.
  • The one simple question that guides the rest of the conversation.
  • How to make the sale in 10 minutes.

Adding Value before Commission Disclosure Rules Apply (1.0 CE Credit)

Shortly, CLHIA rules will force all insurance advisors to disclose their commissions. While transparency will be good for clients, are you ready to explain what you do to earn your commissions? This webinar will cover specific ideas on how you can get ahead of your competition and position yourself as an advisor who truly adds value where it matters.
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In this session you will learn:

  • Why you need to approach communication like a high school essay.
  • How to use the plan financial statements as powerful tools in your arsenal.
  • How using competitive metrics can position you as an ally to your clients.

How to Create an Administrator Checklist (1.0 CE Credit)

One of the valuable tools we discuss in our “Adding Value before Commission Disclosure Rules Apply” Webinar is an Administrator Checklist. It’s a living document that can positively transform the client-advisor dynamic. Most advisors don’t use this powerful tool to their advantage when working with clients and prospects. Not only does it make you look more professional, it helps create more meaningful conversations with clients, reduces your liability, and separates you from the competition.
This webinar will take a deep dive into the Administrator Checklist. It will be presented in collaboration with Dave Patriarche, who created a proven Checklist template used by many Canadian Advisors today.
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In this session you will learn:

    • How to create your own personalized Administrator Checklist.
    • How to use the checklist with your client to add value
    • How to use the checklist to differentiate yourself

Dave Patriarche is the founder of Mainstay Insurance Brokerage and CGIB, the Canadian Group Insurance Brokers, an organization dedicated to supporting networking and continuing education for the group insurance industry. Dave is recognized as a leader in the group benefits industry and is a contributor to various industry publications. He mentors and acts as an informal resource to other benefit brokers, especially those new to the benefits field. We are honoured to have Dave take part in our Webinar Series.

Risk Mitigation in Benefits Plan Design (1.0 CE Credit)

Business owners are looking to their advisors for answers on how to control rising employee benefit plan premiums. When the annual renewals arrive, how do you explain the premium increases of 10%, 20%, or more? And do you have options to control it?
This webinar will cover how advisors can mitigate risk through plan design to control unwanted benefit premium increases, and will provide usable and tangible tips and examples.
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In this session you will learn:

  • How Stop Loss, Pre-Ex on drugs, Formulary Protect, and graduated coverage work to control premiums.
  • How combined and family maximums on Dental and Paramedical make a difference.
  • Why a flat vs earnings multiple is the better approach.

How Technology is Transforming Work and Benefits (1.0 CE Credit)

The spread of digital technology is rapidly changing the way people live and work. Traditional employment is giving way to the “gig economy” and producing new relationships between business and labour. How is the emergence of insurtech (insurance technology) impacting benefits, risk products and healthcare? What can advisors do to adapt and prepare for this changing landscape?
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In this session you will learn from an expert:

  • Key technology trends in the benefits / insurance / healthcare space.
  • How actionable analytics, service platforms, and innovations like AI and blockchain are producing competitive advantage.
  • Ways to align your offerings to the evolving needs of employers and workers.

This webinar will be presented by Ayaz Somani, Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at Aluance Digital. Helping businesses to navigate digital with a focus on audience engagement, customer experience and intelligent automation, Aluance is an emerging innovator in the health and insurance technology spaces.

The Rise of Virtual HealthCare in Canada (1.0 CE Credit)

Canadian employers are quickly catching up with the US in offering virtual care as an added value to their employees. Delivered in partnership with Right Health Solutions, this webinar will cover how virtual care allows employers to offer their staff timely care and innovative communication while reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • The power of virtual care and the impact it can make
  • How virtual care in Canada can work with (instead of against) the healthcare system
  • How simple the Akira Right Health virtual care platform is to use

This webinar will be presented by Yolanda Billinkoff from Right Health/Akira. All clients of the Benefits Trust will have the option to add a virtual care solution to their benefits plan.

Understanding Health Care Spending Accounts (1.0 CE Credit)

Come to this session to understand the new buzz about Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSAs), and why so many progressive employers are including them in their benefit plans.  This session will give you valuable plan design tools and budgeting tips for fitting HCSAs into a benefits plan, and demonstrate why it is increasingly necessary to include this knowledge in your prospect/client benefit discussions.

Simplifying Group Benefits with Budgeted ASO (1.0 CE Credit)

Building on a foundation of ASO basics, this session is designed to illustrate the advantages of budgeted ASO for advisors and their clients through case studies.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • How to get away from discussing benefits plans as a commodity.
  • How to differentiate a short-term vs. long-term outlook on benefits.
  • When company culture and attitude matters for plan design.

Delivering the One Life Case Profitably (1.0 CE Credit)

How often are you asked “Can I have a benefits plan for one person?” This session illustrates how to deliver the best solution for your client so you can answer “Yes!” to this question.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • The details of the three different robust solutions The Benefits Trust offers for one-person benefits plans.
  • How each solution answers a different client or prospect need, illustrated through case studies.
  • Strategies for easily closing the 10-minute sale to maximum your profitability.

Answers to Common Benefits Problems: Pricing Pandemonium (1.0 CE Credit)

How do you deal with pricing fluctuations in the benefits plan marketplace? And how can you help your clients when pricing changes?

This webinar will cover common pricing problems, based on feedback that advisors like you have given us about your challenges! We’ll discuss the issues and provide possible solutions, along with real case studies.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • What changes in the Stop Loss marketplace mean to you.
  • How to address and combat large or small premium increases.
  • How planning ahead can keep client plans sustainable.

Answers to Common Benefits Problems: Plan Design – Don’t Be a Commodity (1.0 CE Credit)

If you offer clients the same old plans as everyone else, what’s to stop them from jumping ship when something cheaper comes along? With a custom plan design, you’ll give your clients something they can’t get anywhere else. [Click for More]

This webinar will cover common plan design problems, based on feedback that advisors like you have given us about your challenges! We’ll discuss the issues and provide possible solutions, along with real case studies.

  • How to make your cases sticky and difficult to replace.
  • Why everyone’s the same (but different).
  • How to harness the power of Executive Benefits.

Answers to Common Benefits Problems: Adding Value (1.0 CE Credit)

Adding value for clients and plan members is an important element of your success. But what’s the best way to add value?

This webinar will cover ways to create value immediately and in the future. We’ll discuss the issues and provide possible solutions, along with real case studies.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • How educating employees and employers leads to higher plan satisfaction.
  • Why you need to know what you’re shopping for before you shop around.
  • The real roles and responsibilities of brokers, insurers, service providers, and clients.

The Numbers Behind ASO (1.0 CE Credit)

Come to this session to understand what differentiates budgeted ASO pricing models from conventional benefits plan funding, including analyzing renewals and what the numbers are telling you.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • Strategies for translating group benefits math so your entrepreneurial clients and prospects understand it
  • How to identify good ASO prospects
  • Tactics for catching industry pricing “tricks” that can lead clients astray

Group Benefits Sales Ideas for Entrepreneurial Clients (1.0 CE Credit)

Great sales results come from great conversations. All advisors need to know how to start those conversations, continue them with the right prospects, and drive the conversation towards closing the sale.[Click for More]

In this session you will learn:

  • How to stay focused and increase your group benefits sales and profitability.
  • Great leading questions to ask, to guide the conversation with prospects.
  • How to get to “Yes” quickly.

Introducing SelectFlex (1.0 CE Credit)

Finally, a flexible solution for groups of 3 or more. This seminar introduces and explains the SelectFlex Benefits plan offered by The Benefits Trust. SelectFlex is designed to give professional advisors an alternative to Chamber Plans and other off-the-shelf small group plans that do not provide sufficient flexibility for their small group clients [Click for More]

It is the perfect plan for small businesses (3 or more employees) who want simplicity, flexibility, and cost control. At the heart of SelectFlex is a core Extended Health Care plan; business owners can then choose the options that will be the best fit for their business instead of settling for a standard package. In this seminar, advisors will learn how to use SelectFlex to offer:

  • Genuine flexibility to the small group market.
  • A simplified approach to small group benefits.
  • Optional benefits allowing employers to pick only the coverage they want, by class or group of employees.
  • Instant, do-it-yourself plan costing.
  • Help for clients who want to design their own plan within their budget.


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Transitioning from a Fully Insured Plan to an ASO Plan (1.0 CE Credit)
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How to Deal with Difficult Clients (or Avoid Them in the First Place) (1.0 CE Credit)
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Eligible Expenses Include:

  • Paramedical Practitioners: such as Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy.
  • Vision Care including Laser Eye Surgery, Contact Lenses, Glasses & Examinations.
  • Medical Facilities including Convalescent Homes & Substance Abuse Facilities.
  • Medical Devices such as Orthotics, Hearing Aids & CPAP machines.
  • Nursing Care to help you recuperate in the comfort of your own home.
  • Expenses Related to Disabilities including special programs tuition, tutoring and home or vehicle modifications.
  • Dental Services Orthodontic & Major Services including Dental Implants.
  • Out of Country Expenses for non-emergency expenses while travelling.
  • Prescription Drugs excluding only over-the-counter medication.
  • PHSP Premiums including any employee-paid premiums for health care or dental care benefits.
  • Private Hospital Room

Our Administration Fee is All Inclusive

  • Claims submission by mobile claims app, online claims portal, email, fax, and mail.
  • Daily claims adjudication and payment.Claims will be processed within 1-3 business days, 99% of claims are processed in-house within 24 hours.
  • Claims payments by direct deposit or cheque.
  • Employee and administrator inquiries handled by our client service specialists through telephone, fax and email interaction.A member of the Benefits Trust client service team will answer your call, you will not have to navigate a system to find a human being to speak with.
  • Maintenance of accurate employee benefit records, including Life Insurance beneficiaries.
  • Monthly billing statements (by division and by department as required), identifying benefits costs for each employee in each division.
  • Account changes and billing adjustments carried out by The Benefits Trust.
  • Formal benefits plan documentation to satisfy all legislative requirements concerning private health services plans prepared by The Benefits Trust contract specialists.
  • Complete Administration Manual which clearly outlines procedures and provides forms for notification of employee status changes.
  • Online administration for enrollments, changes, and terminations.
  • Monthly financial status reporting, including the current month, year to date, and prior year to date for on-going monitoring and trend analysis.
  • Employee information meetings at implementation, and regularly as needed.
  • Employee communication materials such as benefits brochures and booklets, announcement memos.
  • Wallet certificate cards provide each member with their contract number and individual certificate number, coordinated with electronic dental.
  • Facilitating insurance claims with the various carriers.