When it comes to providing health care benefits to your company’s owners, executives, and key employees, traditional benefits plans can be limiting. Often conventional benefits plans do not allow for separate benefits allowances for the groups within your group and companies are stuck with a single core benefits plan structure for all employees, regardless of hierarchy. The Benefits Trust will work with you to resolve this issue. We can design a custom Executive Benefits Plan that can be layered on top of, or integrated into your existing benefits plan structure. This can be done for even the smallest successful business owners.

Executive Benefits Plan Design

At The Benefits Trust, offering flexible, custom-designed benefits plans is the core of our business. As a Third Party Administrator, our unique method helps employers gain complete control over employee benefit costs; maximizes plan design flexibility; and enhances tax advantaged benefit opportunities.

Our Executive Benefits allow for the same degree of flexibility and can be layered as a separate benefit for a key group of employees without disrupting your current plan (no matter who it’s with) or integrated into a complete benefits plan design for your company. The Benefits Trust will accommodate any plan design that will suit your needs.

For more information about Executive Benefits Plans, please read our blog “The Joys of Executive Benefits” or visit our Executive Benefits overview page.

Preventative Benefits – Medcan Clinic

The Benefits Trust offers discounted access to the Medcan Clinic. Located in downtown Toronto, the Medcan Clinic is the largest private healthcare clinic in North America. Home to approximately 60 senior physicians with specialties ranging from cardiology to psychiatry to sports health, Medcan performs more than 15,000 head-to-toe Comprehensive Health Assessments annually. The assessment is a preventative tool used to better evaluate a patient’s overall health and to identify any potential health risks before they become a serious threat to a patient’s well-being.

As a preferred partner of The Benefits Trust, Medcan offers a discounted rate.

For more information about Medcan Clinic, please read our blog, “Medcan’s Executive Health Plan”. For rate information or if you are interested in registering with the Medcan Clinic, please visit the Medcan Portal.

After It Happens – Rupert Case Management (RCM)

If you or someone close to you has recently suffered a debilitating health diagnosis and are feeling overwhelmed with all of the medical information being provided by single or multiple health care providers, Rupert Case Management can be your advocate.

Rupert Case Management employs a comprehensive and proven process in managing patients’ complex healthcare needs. As a client advocate, RCM quickly mobilizes to provide the clinical leadership and care coordination needed for managing all of the details of a client’s complex healthcare case. RCM’s services are personalized and responsive with a strong focus on continuity of care with seamless transitions.

For more information about Rupert Case Management, please read our blog, “Rupert Case Management: After It Happens”.

Fees and expenses associated with Rupert Case Management can be paid through your
benefits plan at The Benefits Trust. If you are interested in meeting with RCM to discuss your case, please visit their website.

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