The Canadian employee benefits industry is dominated by a handful of major providers – just like our Canadian telecom providers, banks, and airlines. They generally do a good job selling and delivering products and services. That’s the 95% of the job you expect them to get right.

So what’s the other 5%?

The other 5% is that part of your relationship with a company that causes all the frustration. It’s spending hours on the phone trying to resolve a simple issue, confusing automated attendants trying to draw you away from a live agent, speaking to a new person each time, and having to explain yourself again to every single department. Sound familiar?

The Better Way

Imagine a benefits company that picks up the phone and resolves your concerns. People you know by name and who know you by name. People who can solve problems and answer your questions, or who will get back to you with the answer like they promised to.

We do the 95% as well as or better than the big guys – but we’ve also been doing the 5% exceptionally well – at no extra cost to you – for over 25 years. You don’t have to tolerate the status quo. It’s time to change your expectations. There is a better way.

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No automated attendant. A real person answers the phone.

We assign a dedicated representative for your plan administrator.

We’re flexible. Design a benefits plan uniquely suited for your company.

We're problem solvers who get you answers quickly.

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Eligible Expenses Include:

  • Paramedical Practitioners: such as Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy.
  • Vision Care including Laser Eye Surgery, Contact Lenses, Glasses & Examinations.
  • Medical Facilities including Convalescent Homes & Substance Abuse Facilities.
  • Medical Devices such as Orthotics, Hearing Aids & CPAP machines.
  • Nursing Care to help you recuperate in the comfort of your own home.
  • Expenses Related to Disabilities including special programs tuition, tutoring and home or vehicle modifications.
  • Dental Services Orthodontic & Major Services including Dental Implants.
  • Out of Country Expenses for non-emergency expenses while travelling.
  • Prescription Drugs excluding only over-the-counter medication.
  • PHSP Premiums including any employee-paid premiums for health care or dental care benefits.
  • Private Hospital Room

Our Administration Fee is All Inclusive

  • Claims submission by mobile claims app, online claims portal, email, fax, and mail.
  • Daily claims adjudication and payment.Claims will be processed within 1-3 business days, 99% of claims are processed in-house within 24 hours.
  • Claims payments by direct deposit or cheque.
  • Employee and administrator inquiries handled by our client service specialists through telephone, fax and email interaction.A member of the Benefits Trust client service team will answer your call, you will not have to navigate a system to find a human being to speak with.
  • Maintenance of accurate employee benefit records, including Life Insurance beneficiaries.
  • Monthly billing statements (by division and by department as required), identifying benefits costs for each employee in each division.
  • Account changes and billing adjustments carried out by The Benefits Trust.
  • Formal benefits plan documentation to satisfy all legislative requirements concerning private health services plans prepared by The Benefits Trust contract specialists.
  • Complete Administration Manual which clearly outlines procedures and provides forms for notification of employee status changes.
  • Online administration for enrollments, changes, and terminations.
  • Monthly financial status reporting, including the current month, year to date, and prior year to date for on-going monitoring and trend analysis.
  • Employee information meetings at implementation, and regularly as needed.
  • Employee communication materials such as benefits brochures and booklets, announcement memos.
  • Wallet certificate cards provide each member with their contract number and individual certificate number, coordinated with electronic dental.
  • Facilitating insurance claims with the various carriers.