Tailored Benefits Plans for Every Industry

Offering a valuable and meaningful health benefits plan to your employees is a key part of attracting and retaining talent. At The Benefits Trust, we offer association plans for small businesses – specialized insurance packages customized for different industries to ensure small business owners like you can provide meaningful benefits to your team.

The Advantages of Association Plans

Association plans offer small businesses the unique opportunity to access premium benefits typically reserved for larger corporations. By pooling resources and leveraging collective strength, these plans provide tailored, cost-effective solutions that cater to your industry’s specific needs.

Custom to Your Needs

Association plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of an industry or profession, ensuring that the coverage for plan members is relevant and valuable.

Plan Design Flexibility

Our association plans offer benefits at different levels, so you can cover different employees, from owners to part-time staff, effectively.

Attract Top Talent in Your Industry

Offering a robust benefits package sets you apart from your competitors, allowing you to attract the best employees.

Avoid Overpaying

By focusing on what’s essential for your industry, you’re not paying for unnecessary coverages that don’t apply to your business.

Our Current Association Plans

Hospitality Benefits Plan

Designed for the fast-paced world of hospitality, this plan offers coverage that understands the demands and intricacies of serving guests day in and day out.

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Builders Benefits Plan

Crafted for the construction and building industry, this plan provides robust protection against the specific risks and challenges faced on and off the worksite.

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White Labelled Opportunities

White-label benefits allow your company to offer exclusive benefits packages to your employees under your name while being produced by The Benefits Trust.

Allow us to deal with all the complexities of a robust insurance package while you reap the benefits of enhancing your value proposition and competing with larger companies that offer exclusive, branded perks.

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Whether you’re interested in association benefits or white label opportunities, we’re here for you. Reach out and one of our advisors will connect with you shortly to answer all inquiries you have about benefits plans for your company.

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