Employee Insurance Plans for Businesses in Canada

From specialized Healthcare Spending Accounts to custom-tailored group benefits plans, we offer a diverse range of benefits solutions designed to help you create a company culture that cares for your employees, as well as provide an added value to help retain and attract top talent to your business.

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Healthcare Spending Accounts

Empower your employees with flexible accounts to manage diverse medical expenses.

Small Business Benefit Plans

Benefits solutions that cater to the unique needs of growing businesses.

Custom Group Benefit Plans

Personalized group benefits that align with your business’ unique requirements.

Find the Perfect Plan to Support Your Business Needs

Since 1994, The Benefits Trust has been offering top benefits solutions to businesses across Canada, built to best suit their business needs. No matter your business size or function, we have a plan to support you.

Executive Benefits Plans

Premium, tailored benefits solutions for your organization’s top-tier talent.

Hybrid Plan Design

Merging the best of traditional and flexible benefits for comprehensive coverage.

ASO Group Benefit Plans

Directly manage your benefits costs with employer-funded ASO plans.

SelectFlex Benefit Plans

Adaptable benefits solutions offering a spectrum of coverage choices for businesses.

Plans for Canadian Employees of US Firms

Tailored benefits solutions for US firms navigating Canadian healthcare.

Let’s build a better benefits plan.

Since 1994, The Benefits Trust team has been listening to the needs of business owners and their employees and creating group benefits plans that cater to the size of the organization, the unique needs of the employees, and the financial considerations that come with it.

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Reach out and one of our advisors will connect with you shortly to answer all inquiries you have about benefits plans for your company.

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