Smart Business Owner Benefits Plan

As a small business owner, you can have a benefits plan that’s right for you, your family, and your employees. If you own a profitable business in Canada, incorporated or not, you are eligible.

What is a Smart Business Owner Benefits Plan?

Business owners often think they’re too small to qualify for employee benefits. The Smart Business Owner Benefits Plan allows you to set up a plan for you and your employees with controlled costs. This plan provides you with the most comprehensive health and dental coverage possible. Your options depend on whether you want unlimited coverage or not.

In this plan, employees of the company receive a Health Care Spending Account that will pay 100% of all CRA-eligible expenses up to a set limit. Employers are able to choose between unlimited coverage or the Healthcare Spending Account.

With a small business employee benefits plan, you benefit from:

  • No limits, deductions, or maximums for owners
  • 100% fully tax deductible business expense
  • Set limits for employees to help control costs
  • No medical evidence required

How a Small Business Benefits Plan Supports Owners and Employees


Get 100% coverage with no limits and pay a fixed monthly contribution based on your estimated annual health and dental expenses.

Your unlimited coverage plan includes:

  • overage for drugs, dental, vision, paramedical, and more
  • 60 days of emergency travel coverage
  • Catastrophic drug coverage up to $1 million over a lifetime


Give your employees the flexibility they want with complete cost control for you, with a Health Care Spending Account. Show your employees you’re looking out for their needs and provide them with added value, all without having to worry about your premiums increasing due to excessive claims.

Your employees’ plan includes:

  • Same coverage as owners, but with total cost control for you
  • Offer different amounts by class of employee
  • Monthly detailed billing


Coverage for Small Business Owners

Ideal for employers who are looking for unlimited coverage with controlled cost.

Plan Highlights

  • Maintain cost control for your employees’ benefits while keeping health and dental expenses covered by the business.
  • Pay a fixed monthly contribution based on your estimated annual health and dental expenses, which can be changed throughout the year.
  • It provides complete coverage flexibility for any CRA-approved health, drug, vision, and dental expenses.
  • A Small Business Benefits Plan can be supplemented with optional pooled benefits such as Life, AD&D, Critical Illness, Long-Term Disability, and Travel Insurance.

Coverage Amount

  • For Employer: Unlimited coverage, you own any surpluses or deficits.
  • For Employee: Fixed amount set by employer that can only be changed at annual renewal.
  • All expenses will be paid at 100%.

Administration Fees

  • 15% of contributions
  • No setup fees, annual fees, per-claim fees, or fees for booklets.
  • Includes monthly detailed billing and customer service.

What’s Covered?

The TBT Small Business Benefits plan covers a wide range of healthcare expenses including:

  • Drugs
  • Dental, including orthodontics & implants
  • Vision, including laser surgery
  • Expenses related to physical and learning disabilities
  • Paramedical and registered therapists
  • Hospital Coverage

Optional Catastrophic Coverage

Optional catastrophic coverage can include the following:

  • Travel insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Critical illness
  • Long-term disability
  • Catastrophic drug coverage up to $1 million over a lifetime

Online/Smartphone App Claim Submission?

Just take a picture of your receipt and hit send; we take care of the rest for you.

Benefits Card?


Pay Direct Drug Card?



Coverage for Small Business Employees

Give your employees the flexibility and coverage they deserve, with complete cost control for you.

We Do Small Business Benefits Plans a Little Differently

We’ve specialized in small business group benefits plans since 1994. We know that small business owners have a few priorities, on top of caring for their employees. Learn about our unique approach to providing employee benefits.

Examples of Businesses Who Have Purchased the Small Business Benefits Plan

Contractor with 2 Key Employees and Spouse with Benefits Plan

George is a contractor with two site managers. George’s spouse has a benefits plan through her work, which covers 80%, and has maximums on dental and drugs.

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Doctor with 2 Clinic Staff and Spouse with no Benefits Plan

Maya is a Physician with two administrative staff. Her spouse does not have benefits coverage. Maya wants 100% of all her family’s health and dental expenses covered with no limits.

Read More

Designer with Special Needs Child and Spouse with Benefits Plan

Carlos is an independent interior designer. His spouse is a teacher with generous benefits, but they have a child with special needs who requires $20,000 in orthopedics and speech therapy.

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Common Questions

What are the advantages of setting up a benefits plan for my small business?
You pay for medical and dental expenses for you and your family anyway, so doesn’t it make sense to pay them through your business in the most tax‐effective way possible? All your health and dental care expenses are covered when administered through a benefits plan and 100% of the cost of the plan is a tax-deductible business expense. It’s a no‐brainer. You’ll save money and gain protection for your family and the families of your employees.
What if there is more than one owner?
No problem. Our plan can accommodate all owners, like a practice with multiple business partners. You have the option to set an equal annual amount for each owner or to set up 100% coverage with no maximums. If you choose to have unlimited coverage, a report can be provided at year end for cost sharing purposes that shows the total claimed by each owner.
If my company grows, will I outgrow this plan?

As your company grows, we will help you transition to a more suitable plan at every stage of your success. We’re with you all the way.
We have plans that cover:


No matter how your business changes, The Benefits Trust is here to support you.

Administration Questions

We Can Match Your Existing Plan

Keep the benefits blueprint you trust while enhancing it to make it exactly what you need it to be.
Our team can quickly adjust and change your existing plan to work perfectly for you.

Most Traditional Employee Benefits Plans Look the Same

Consider the following when choosing a new plan.


Budgets are always on the minds of small business owners – and we can’t blame them! At The Benefits Trust, we provide the most value and maximize cost efficiency with customized plans that cater to the needs of your employees.


Delivering more value means more than offering comprehensive employee benefits. It means creating a partnership with your provider that’s based on dedicated representative customer service. It means flexibility in the solutions we offer and responding to your inquiries immediately.

Plan Design

We think outside of the traditional benefits box. Our clients (and their employees) enjoy custom benefits plans that have been specifically designed to cater to business and employee needs and goals.


At The Benefits Trust, we prioritize unparalleled support for our clients. Think of us as your benefits department; from the initial setup to ongoing management, we ensure your benefits plan runs smoothly.

Watch and Learn How

The Benefits Trust Creates a Custom Benefits Plan to Meet Your Company’s Needs

With a third-party administrator like us:
  • You pay for the insurance you want
  • You only pay for the claims you have
  • Administrative costs are fixed and transparent

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