White Label Benefits Packages Created by Experts for Your Business

White-labelled benefits are packages produced by The Benefits Trust but branded under your company’s name. Your company purchases the package and rebrands it as your own, offering it to your team without having to develop a benefits infrastructure on your own.

Why Create a White Label Plan?

White label benefits offer businesses a unique opportunity to integrate their brand identity into every facet of their operations, including employee benefits. By adopting a white-label approach, companies ensure that their benefits package aligns perfectly with their brand’s ethos, values, and objectives.

Brand Consistency

White labelling allows organizations to offer benefits under their own brand name, ensuring a consistent brand experience for members or employees.

Cost Effective

It’s often more cost-effective to white label a benefits package than to develop one from the ground up, saving both time and resources.

Expertise and Quality

By partnering with established benefits providers, organizations can ensure that the packages they offer are of high quality and backed by industry expertise.


White-labelled solutions offer customization, allowing organizations to tailor their benefits better to fit the needs and preferences of their employees.

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