Accessible Help for Substance Use Disorders

We all deal with stress, trauma, and grief in Girl on smartphonedifferent ways – some methods are more constructive than others – and living through a pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the struggle that many people who use alcohol and drugs experience. In fact, recent research has shown dramatic increases in substance use issues since the pandemic began, with 18% of Canadians reporting drinking more than they did before the lockdowns began.

But help is available, and there’s a solution that isn’t cost prohibitive or inaccessible due to waitlists.

A Modern Approach to an Antiquated Problem

Struggling with drug and alcohol use is not a new issue plaguing our society, but ALAViDA is a modern approach to treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and substance use disorder. Equipped with medical doctors, a therapeutic team, and user-friendly technology, ALAViDA helps connect people to the support systems they need on a confidential and discreet platform from the palm of their hand.

Many people with substance use disorder are afraid of the accompanying stigma and avoid seeking help. With ALAViDA, patients can stay at home, continue to work, and choose whether to engage their family and friends for support. Need more reasons to look into them? There are no waitlists, and it’s affordable.

Rehabilitation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. What works for some, may not work for others. With ALAViDA, patients can set up personalized programs based on their substance use and goals. The tailored, evidence-based program helps individuals stay on track with a virtual companion in an immersive, encouraging experience.

Showing Employees That Their Employers Care 

Did you know that 2 in 10 employees have a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and that SUD makes up 33% of mental health issues with only 10% of employees actually getting help? ALAViDA is not exclusively for those struggling with severe issues – it is available for those who are also facing mild challenges and are trying to be proactive with their mental health as well. While traditional rehabilitation supports can be expensive, ALAViDA can be offered to employees from their employers for only dollars per employee per month. Alternatively, employees may be able to claim coverage for ALAViDA through their traditional benefit plan or health care spending accounts.

The Bottom Line 

At The Benefits Trust, we want to support those who need help regardless of the mental or physical condition they’re living with. We wanted to take this time to share ALAViDA with you because we believe in sharing the resources that are out there with our clients and advisors, so you can pass them onto your clients if you believe they will be useful to them.

We were impressed to learn that, using ALAViDA, 86% of patients reduced their consumption, while 79% reported increased feelings of control over their substance use. Help is there, and it’s accessible. To learn more about ALAViDA, click here!


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Robert Crowder

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