Happy Canada Day

Canadian Flag

In this second summer of discontent, we find ourselves approaching Canada Day with a sense of hope and optimism. Is it over yet? No, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Normally, this time of year is consumed with conversations about the weather, travel, and how the Leafs are working on their golf game (well, some things never change). But today, every conversation includes at least one of these phrases:

  • One jab or two jabs? How were your side effects?
  • Pfizer or Moderna? Or was it AZ? Which one are you going to choose for your second dose?
  • Should I shake your hand? (Do I have sanitizer in the car?)
  • Should we hug? Masks on or off?
  • Are kids going back to school in September? Is the lockdown over? Yes, no, maybe.
  • Can we get together for a BBQ? How many people will be there? Feels illegal.

Humour is often the best medicine, but the reality is it’s been an unfair economy. While some businesses thrived, a large swath of industries experienced repeated setbacks and lockdowns. Business owners, their employees, and their families have suffered. We are proud that when they needed help the most, combined with our flexible and adaptable employee benefits solutions, we were able to immediately reduce or pause premiums altogether so businesses could use precious cashflow to survive. And survive they did.

Every July 1st, we are reminded of the never-ending gratitude we owe this great country, Canada, for providing us all the opportunity and environment to thrive – in the long run. Resiliency has always been an enviable Canadian trait and we have all demonstrated it once again these last sixteen months.

We want to thank our clients and advisor partners for their ongoing support of our business and the promise it holds. As Canada’s largest independent third-party administrator, our commitment to you continues to be stronger than ever and we whole-heartedly feel excited about our collective futures.

Together, we will get through this. Happy Canada Day from all of us at The Benefits Trust!

Robert Crowder

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