Happy Canada Day from all of us at The Benefits Trust!

Happy Canada Day!

Last year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary at The Benefits Trust. In no corner of our imagination could we have expected to find ourselves where we are today. Like most of you, we are coping, we are adapting, and we are looking ahead to a brighter future.

This year, we are particularly thankful to be Canadian. We are confident that our spirit, our sense of fairness and inclusivity, our steadfastness, and sense of duty will lift us all to a better place in this country. Our foundation is strong and together we will get through this.

Every July 1st, we are reminded of the never-ending gratitude we owe this great country, Canada, for providing us all the opportunity and environment to thrive. We are also grateful for our natural beauty and open spaces that have helped us persevere during these trying times.

We want to thank our clients and advisor partners for their steadfast support of our business and the promise it holds. Our commitment to you has never been stronger and we whole-heartedly believe our futures will be bigger than our pasts.

With many families in our communities experiencing exceptional job losses and hardship, we have decided to forgo our annual Canada Day mailed letter and gift, and instead, have made an equivalent donation to the National Association of Food Banks. This wonderful organization works tirelessly with its local chapters to provide the very basic needs of our most vulnerable neighbours who are suffering from food insecurity and hunger in communities across Canada.

Happy Canada Day from all of us at The Benefits Trust!

PS: As Canadians, we’re confident enough to make a little fun of ourselves, so here are a few popular memes you might not have seen before. Enjoy!

Found a parking spot, eh?Canadian game show: Whose Lane Is It Anyway?My favourite part about winter in Canada is watching it on TV from VancouverMontreal Habs. No one cares how good you are.Canadian archaeologyIn England they drive on the left. In Canada we drive on what's left.You know you're in Canada when hockey games end up like this

Happy Canada Day!

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Robert Crowder, founder and President of The Benefits Trust, has over 22 years of experience serving pension and employee benefits clients. In 1994, he founded The Benefits Trust as a Third Party Administrator serving small and mid-sized business across Canada. Through Rob Crowder's dedication and leadership, The Benefits Trust has grown into the successful benefits provider that it is today.

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