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“It’s not about being the smartest person in the room. It’s about being in a room where everybody is getting smarter”


We created our Zoomcast series to bring together experts and fellow advisors to have beneficial and engaging discussions about our industry. Sessions will be comprised of laser-focused topics and guest speakers. The format will be 20 minutes of expert presentation followed by 30 minutes or so of lively discussion. We will feature a wide range of business topics that will advance your benefits practice.

Join us and check back for new Zoomcast series events which will be added in the future!

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To ensure a lively discussion, we have a few guidelines that we’re like to adhere to:

  • Only the first 100 registrants will get a spot for each Zoomcast.

  • Please have your camera on and be ready to interact with others.

  • Be prepared to engage in conversation. We want our Zoomcast series to be productive, insightful, and conversational, so please be ready to talk, ask questions, and converse.

Previous Zoomcast Topics

Virtual Care in Canada – Now and the Future

Special Guest Speaker: John Mozas, Co-Founder Right Health / Akira

More Canadians have experienced virtual care services in the last sixteen months than ever before. With the rise in its use and popularity, virtual care is here to stay.

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John MozasJohn Mozas co-founded Right Health in 2016 with the vision of enhancing the way medicine is delivered to millions of Canadians. In 2017, Right Health acquired Akira Medical. Akira is a Virtual Care practice that allows patients to interact with clinicians via app or web, available nationally across Canada, 24/7, 365. Akira is focused on the B2B space, promoting its service as an employer-sponsored health benefit, with partnerships across multiple insurers, third-party administrators, and benefits managers. In 2019 Akira was acquired by Telus Health and continues to thrive in the Canadian market.

Join John Mozas and Rob Crowder, President of The Benefits Trust, to discuss the current state of the virtual health space in Canada and where it’s likely to go moving forward. As a virtual care pioneer and leader, John brings a unique perspective to this growing and important space.

The Importance of Branding and Media for Your Benefits Business

Special Guest Speaker: David Gordon, founding Chief Corporate Officer for PharmaCielo and an Award-Winning Business Communicator as former Managing Partner of Cohn & Wolfe.

People in business do business with people who are in business. Does the outside perception of your benefits business appear legitimate enough for successful prospects to want to do business with you?

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David Gordon is an accomplished business leader committed to the development and protection of corporate brand profile and business infrastructure as essential characteristics of successful businesses.

David’s most recent experience has been gained as a founding officer of a new entrepreneurial venture, in which he was responsible for the brand management and vision for the publicly traded international operation. Prior to that, he had a 20-year history in brand marketing and communication as leader of Canadian operations for a global consultancy. These experiences are complemented by over a decade in public policy and political strategy gained from working on all sides of government, and an academic background that includes an MA and MBA. David is also certified as a board director (ICD.D) and has participated on corporate boards as well as a number of non-profit organizations, reflective of being a strong believer in community engagement.

An award-winning communicator, David has been recognized globally for the successful delivery of communication programs.

Join David Gordon and Rob Crowder, President of The Benefits Trust, to discuss the meaning of a “brand”, how to build your company presence, and improve the perception of your business from a prospect and media perspective to fuel your growth.

Is Your Benefits Business Just a Commission Cheque or a Real Business?

Special Guest Speaker: Jay Nadler, NaviGuide Financial Service

The mindset of running a business is different than case to case selling. A commission cheque is not a paycheque and treating it as such will limit you. Building a true benefits business requires that you put in place all the support structures and systems required for a solid foundation. A foundation that will accommodate growth and allow you to grow an asset that can be sold later in life. But it requires discipline.

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Jay Nadler sold his benefits practice in Calgary and moved to Courtenay, BC, population 25,000. With no friends and contacts in his new town, Jay had to build a new benefits advisory business from scratch. Despite the challenges of growing a new business in a small community with established competitors who have strong community ties, Jay managed to build a substantial benefits business in a relatively short period of time.

He credits a great deal of his success to following a disciplined business approach to managing his business. By putting the right infrastructure in place early on, Jay could deliver better service, explore new opportunities, and enjoy the freedom to engage differently within his new community.

Join Jay Nadler and Rob Crowder, President of The Benefits Trust to discuss how the right business infrastructure and processes are critical to the success of a new business or growing a small one.

The Importance of Focus and Committing to a Target Market

Special Guest Speaker: Chris Gory, President, Orchard Benefits and Founder, blankit health

Can you build a successful benefits business by focusing exclusively on a clearly defined target market? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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In 2008, Chris Gory attracted his first client in the technology industry and discovered a passion for working with dynamic, fast-growing organizations. He decided to focus his efforts exclusively on this segment. Within a couple of years and few clients later, he had gained intimate knowledge about their needs and challenges and adapted his practice to address those needs. As word spread within the sector, he became the go-to trusted advisor for benefits, growing his practice to 65 fast-growing technology businesses today.

Join Chris Gory and Rob Crowder, President of The Benefits Trust to discuss the advantages of focusing on a well-defined target market and becoming the go-to expert in the space.

Digital Wellness: Your Next Client Discussion

Special Guest Speaker: David Krieger, National Sales Director, NortonLifeLock

Becoming a trusted advisor to clients includes bringing forward new and innovative ideas that can benefit their business. Personal digital health is a growing concern among employees and employers. With the pandemic-driven push to virtual offices and work-from-home arrangements, the line between personal and company laptops and devices has been blurred even further. From identity theft to ransomware, digital security has become critical to address and a fact of every employee and employer’s connected life.

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David Krieger is recognized as one of Canada’s most successful benefits advisors. He successfully grew his boutique benefits practice which he later sold to W.F. Morneau and Associates and has held several senior sales roles with leading benefits providers. He has also won industry awards for creativity and communication. Today, David is introducing a new and exciting product into the employee benefits market to address the challenge of digital health and security.

Join David Kreiger and Rob Crowder, President of The Benefits Trust to discuss how employers benefit by protecting their employees’ digital health and how to initiate client discussions about it.

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  • Account changes and billing adjustments carried out by The Benefits Trust.
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  • Complete Administration Manual which clearly outlines procedures and provides forms for notification of employee status changes.
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  • Monthly financial status reporting, including the current month, year to date, and prior year to date for on-going monitoring and trend analysis.
  • Employee information meetings at implementation, and regularly as needed.
  • Employee communication materials such as benefits brochures and booklets, announcement memos.
  • Wallet certificate cards provide each member with their contract number and individual certificate number, coordinated with electronic dental.
  • Facilitating insurance claims with the various carriers.