Zoomcast: Why Online Marketing in 2022 is Critical to Build and Maintain Your Benefits Practice

Understanding how to position and market your business online has become even more critical. Sales calls have become far more challenging, and prospects want to do their own research online before deciding who to speak to.

Join Ben Molfetta, CoFounder of Core Online Marketing, and Robert J. Crowder, President of The Benefits Trust to discuss how growth-oriented advisors must approach online marketing in 2022, including:

  • How are you going to approach positioning and marketing your business in 2022 and beyond?
  • How do you get your message to stand out in a competitive marketplace?
  • Where do you start with online marketing?

Ben Molfetta co-founded Core Online Marketing in 2005 and has been a sales and marketing leader for over 30 years, bringing insights from helping hundreds of clients, including The Benefits Trust, transition to an online marketing business development approach.

Zoomcast: Why Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) Offer Today’s Best Value for Your Benefits Dollar

Employee needs are changing and more acutely around mental health challenges and dealing with virtual work. Employee benefits plans need to catch up.

With special guest speaker Melanie Leblanc, Director, Business Development at LifeWorks, we’ll examine:

  • How Mental health is taking its toll on employees.
  • How company benefits can keep pace with the shift to work-from-home culture.
  • The advantages of how EAPs help.
  • The latest trends and options available in EAPs.
  • How to have client conversations about EAPs.

Join Melanie and Robert J. Crowder, President of The Benefits Trust to learn about how Employee Assistance Programs are evolving and how the right conversation with clients can help you add value and help clients adapt to a rapidly changing work environment.

Zoomcast: Using Formulary Protect and Formulary Protect Plus to Protect Your Clients

Drug costs continue to rise and are placing significant pressure on benefits plan costs. As advisors, you want to protect your clients’ plans.

With special guest speaker Dave Wowchuk, Vice President Sales at ClaimSecure, we dive into:

  • What is Formulary Protect and Formulary Protect Plus?
  • How to use Formulary Protect to secure plan costs in the future.
  • Understanding how to have this conversation with clients.
  • Understanding the risk of not implementing formulary protection.
  • Projections on how this could impact future benefits cost.

Zoomcast: Selling Employee Benefits in 2022

Selling benefits is not what it once was – or is it? The old and proven ways of doing things are becoming more challenging as prospects accept and enjoy the new normal of virtual work and communications.

In this recorded Zoomcast, we’ll engage in discussion about:

  • Why creating a sales plan and setting sales goals is imperative for success.
  • What are you going to say to get their attention?
  • Where to start and how to define your value proposition.
  • Working the system and how to define what your system is.

Zoomcast: Virtual Healthcare in Canada

Virtual healthcare has been demanded by advocates in Canada for the past decade to offer some relief from an already overburdened healthcare system. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it quickly became a necessity and widely used across the country. Though many restrictions across the Canada have lifted, virtual healthcare has become a service that is projected to stay – and many in the healthcare profession and many patients are happy to embrace it.

During this Zoomcast, we’re joined by special guest and healthcare expert John Moses. We’ll discuss:

  • The issues driving the need for virtual care in Canada
  • Why virtual care is important for employers and their employees

Why Do You Have Normal Benefits When Times Aren’t Normal?

To borrow from Bob Dylan, The Times They Are a-Changin’. 2020 showed us that sudden and unexpected events can create instant economic shocks that jeopardize the existence of millions of small and mid-sized businesses. One of the lessons learnt by business owners in 2020 is that they must build a greater level of resiliency in everything they do. Their employee benefits are no exception. During changing times, clients need your advice more than ever. Don’t be caught flat-footed.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why large plan sponsors’ benefits plans were not affected by COVID-19
  • Why traditional benefits plans are not working for most small and mid-sized employers
  • What you as an advisor can do about it to help your clients during these changing times

How Should Benefits Plan Design Change in the Work-From-Home Culture?

2020 has caused a seismic shift in how employers and employees perceive work-from-home arrangements. While the traditional office may not be dead, every indication is that virtual work is here to stay in one form or another. How should employee benefits plan design adapt to this new reality?

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The new virtual workspace
  • Benefits that matter for remote employees
  • Dealing with hybrid work environments
  • Changing claim patterns and potential risks

Mental Health Strategies Post-Pandemic

We had monumental changes in 2020 and the long-term effects of COVID-19 are yet to be fully realized. Has your benefits plan design kept up?

One outcome that has already begun to emerge and is expected to intensify in the coming months is the mental health of the millions of employees who have been dealing with employment uncertainty, isolation, and stress over a prolonged period of time. Employers must be prepared for the coming wave of mental health issues and long-term disability claims in their workforce. As advisors, we must help our clients design a benefits plan that is built to support their workforce and protect the company’s benefits budget going forward.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Mental health benefits in its own benefits silo
  • Additional programs and services (wellness, telehealth, EAP, personal prescribing, etc.)
  • Getting ahead of the curve and adding value to clients

Selling Employee Benefits in 2021. What Does it Look Like?

Welcome to the new normal. You may never meet your next new client in person. Yet more than ever, clients and prospects need and are looking for our advice.

You need to be constantly mining new prospects regardless of current circumstances. If your business doesn’t grow, it shrinks.

Furthermore, your clients are at risk. Advisors who understand how to communicate professionally and prospect effectively in the age of Zoom, will gain a competitive advantage over incumbents.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why a working sales plan process is more important than ever
  • Prospecting using Zoom
  • Effective marketing techniques in the new reality
  • New market opportunities due to COVID

Association Plans for 2020 and Beyond (1:03:21)

Establishing a successful association plan can be a financially rewarding experience. Once set up, they provide warm leads and a captive and more engaged group of prospects. However, many plans have also ended in failure. This webinar will discuss how to identify, build, and nurture an association plan to increase your chance of succeeding.

Grow Your Benefits Business (1:17:42)

If you’re interested in growing your benefits business, this webinar is for you. We’ll discuss how to set your goals and break down the often overwhelming process of how to stay on track to reach those goals. Participants will gain three valuable tools to help you achieve success.

Negotiate Renewals with Authority (58:12)

The renewal report is a critical annual milestone that can trigger questions and concerns from clients. Advisors must be able to explain the factors in a renewal report and assess if the renewal is based on acceptable assumptions.

David vs. Goliath Insurance Broker Version (54:25)

The benefits advisory business is experience a wave of consolidation, creating large corporate organizations with more business development resources, pricing power, and technology. How do independent brokers compete and thrive in the face of larger, aggressive competitors?

The Smart Business Owner Benefits Plan (57:17)

Small Business owners often think they’re too small to qualify for employee benefits and Advisors struggle to find an appropriate and flexible plan that truly takes the needs of the business owner(s) into account.

How to Create an Administrator Checklist (1:00:51)

An Administrator Checklist is a living document that can positively transform the client-advisor dynamic. Not only does it make you look more professional, it helps create more meaningful conversations with clients, reduces your liability, and separates you from the competition.

How Technology is Transforming Work and Benefits (1:03:55)

How is the emergence of insurtech (insurance technology) impacting benefits, risk products and healthcare? What can advisors do to adapt and prepare for this changing landscape?

Understanding Health Care Spending Accounts (48:03)

Come to this session to understand the new buzz about Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSAs), and why so many progressive employers are including them in their benefit plans.

Adding Value before Commission Disclosure Rules Apply (58:05)

Shortly, CLHIA rules will force all insurance advisors to disclose their commissions. While transparency will be good for clients, are you ready to explain what you do to earn your commissions?

Knowing When to Go ASO and When Not to Go ASO (59:04)

There are situations where choosing an ASO plan for a client makes sense, and there are situations when it doesn’t. Do you know the difference?

Risk Mitigation in Benefits Plan Design (1:00:39)

Business owners are looking to their advisors for answers on how to control rising employee benefit plan premiums. When the annual renewals arrive, how do you explain the premium increases of 10%, 20%, or more? And do you have options to control it?

Simplifying Group Benefits with Budgeted ASO (53:24)

Building on a foundation of ASO basics, this session is designed to illustrate the advantages of budgeted ASO for advisors and their clients through case studies.

Delivering the One Life Case Profitably (51:57)

How often are you asked “Can I have a benefits plan for one person?” This session illustrates how to deliver the best solution for your client so you can answer “Yes!” to this question.

Answers to Common Benefits Problems: Adding Value (1:00:37)

Adding value for clients and plan members is an important element of your success. But what’s the best way to add value?

Answers to Common Benefits Problems: Pricing Pandemonium (51:59)

How do you deal with pricing fluctuations in the benefits plan marketplace? And how can you help your clients when pricing changes?

Answers to Common Benefits Problems: Plan Design (53:52)

If you offer clients the same old plans as everyone else, what’s to stop them from jumping ship when something cheaper comes along? With a custom plan design, you’ll give your clients something they can’t get anywhere else.

The Numbers Behind ASO

In this session you will learn what differentiates budgeted ASO pricing models from conventional benefits plan funding, including analyzing renewals and what the numbers are telling you.

Simplifying Group Benefits with Budgeted ASO (45:48)

This session is designed to illustrate the advantages of budgeted ASO for advisors and their clients through case studies.

TBT 101 – Learn About ASO & TPAs (24:25)

Designed to give professional advisors a solid grounding in ASO Solutions and the comprehensive suite of products and services offered by The Benefits Trust, this seminar is ideal for advisors looking to gain a solid overview of TPAs, ASO Plans and how to win more business by differentiating against traditional plan offerings.

TBT 201 – A Deeper Dive into ASO Plan Design (34:21)

This session is perfect for advisors who are looking for more in-depth information about ASO plan design and client retention strategies.

Introducing SelectFlex

Finally, a flexible solution for groups of 3 or more. This seminar introduces and explains the SelectFlex Benefits plan offered by The Benefits Trust. SelectFlex is designed to give professional advisors an alternative to Chamber Plans and other off-the-shelf small group plans that do not provide sufficient flexibility for their small group clients

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