April 2nd is Employee Benefits Day!

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April 2nd is Employee Benefits Day!

The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans has designated April 2nd as National Employee Benefits Day. Every year, Employee Benefits Day gives us all a chance to re-evaluate our employee benefit offerings, educate employees about their benefits, and celebrate everyone’s hard work throughout the year.

This year, National Employee Benefits Day in Canada is focusing on mental health in the workplace.

An often overlooked subject, good mental health is crucial to the overall well-being of a workforce. It is estimated that 20% of Canadians suffer from mental illness each year; yet, employers often do not prioritize psychological health. This Benefits Day, please take a moment to learn about mental health issues in the workplace and what you can do to make a difference.

The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans suggests 10 ways that you can foster support and affirmation in the workplace:

    • Help Out: Be observant and ask others at work if they need help with anything.
    • Explain: Employers, you can offer seminars and advisors to answer employee questions about budgeting, retirement savings, benefits, etc.
    • Share Success: Share the credit and not just the work.
    • Clear Expectations: Make sure that people understand what is expected of them. Uncertainty can cause unnecessary stress.
    • Job Fulfillment: Go out of your way to give employees the tools and time they need to do their jobs.
    • Email Relief: Reach out to people through personal contact rather than email.
    • Inclusion: Include others in meetings or going for lunch. Share information with everyone.
    • Listen: Just listen to people. Sometimes that’s all they need.
    • Be Fair: Conduct your affairs fairly and justly. People are more happy and productive when they feel respected.
    • Separate Work from Home: Having time to be at home with family or to relax can make a real difference in someone’s life. Allow for separation between work life and home life.

Join us in recognizing Employee Benefits Day and help bring awareness to this important issue.

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Image Source: http://www.ifebp.org/

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