Medcan’s Executive Health Plan

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Medcan’s Executive Health Plan

MedCanAs a client of The Benefits Trust, you now have access to the Medcan Clinic.

Medcan Clinic, located in downtown Toronto, is the largest private healthcare clinic in North America. Home to approximately 60 senior physicians with specialties ranging from cardiology to psychiatry to sports health, Medcan performs more than 15,000 head-to-toe Comprehensive Health Assessments annually.

Medcan offers an Executive Health Plan for companies who want make an investment in the health of their executive employees. At the heart of the Executive Health Plan is Medcan’s flagship service, The Comprehensive Health Assessment.

The Comprehensive Health Assessment, includes 12-15 sophisticated diagnostic tests, all performed at one location within a single 5-hour visit to make it easier and more convenient. The goal of this assessment is to better evaluate a patient’s overall health and to identify any potential health risks before they become a serious threat to a patient’s well-being. Often this results in lower future costs to employers due to the early identification of health conditions that can be treated before they reach a critical stage.

A Comprehensive Health Assessment includes:

• Physician Consultation & Review of Results
• Audiometric Testing
• Visual Acuity & Pressure Tonometry
• Immunization & Flu Shots
• Lab Tests
• Respiratory Function
• 12-Lead Electrocardiogram Stress Test
• Chest X-ray
• Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound
• Nutritional Evaluation
• Abdominal Ultrasound
• Prostate-Specific Antigen Test
• Female Reproductive Evaluation
• Bone Mineral Density Screening
• Fitness Appraisal
• Ankle Brachial Index

However, your company’s Executive Health Plan can be customized by adding many other services to the Comprehensive Health Assessment, including Colonoscopy screening, Cardiovascular screening, Men’s Health Program, and DNA testing.

For more information about the Executive Health Plan and Medcan, please visit MedCan.com.

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