The Many Ways to Share Benefits Plan Costs | Series

Karen Taylor Smith is the Senior Manager, Group Benefits at The Benefits Trust. She has worked with The Benefits Trust since 1997, using her deep knowledge of employee benefit plans to customize the right solutions for businesses. Karen speaks, blogs, and contributes regularly to various media outlets on group benefits and compensation topics.

The Many Ways to Share Benefits Plan Costs | Series

Increasingly, employers are no longer paying the full premium for employee benefits plans. Reducing costs has become a priority, but it is equally crucial to maintain a good benefits plan. As employers struggle to balance benefits plan coverage and benefits plan costs, cost sharing with employees is emerging as a viable solution.

In our upcoming blog series about benefits plan cost sharing, The Benefits Trust will provide you with insight into the factors and advantages that you need to understand when considering sharing costs. Each blog will cover an important advantage to employer-employee benefits plan cost sharing.

The series will include:

It is important for employers to be able to manage their employee benefits plans, and their budgets. Benefits cost sharing can effectively provide the flexibility and control that will help you achieve the right benefits plan for your organization.

>> Watch for our upcoming blogs, and please contact us if you have any questions about cost sharing benefits plans.

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