A benefits plan is a promise between an employer and employee.  The employer should have control over that promise.  A custom employee benefits plan is designed to allow the employer to exert that control over both the benefits offered to employees, and the budget.

Choose What You Want in Your Employee Benefits Plan

Employee Benefits Plans

The primary advantage of a custom employee benefits plan is that the right employees have the right benefits at the right time. An off-the-shelf solution can seem frustrating because it does not address the needs for employees as individuals.

Design Your Benefits Plan According to Your Needs

A well designed plan allows businesses of all sizes to control costs, deter benefits abuse, increase retention, and reduce turnover issues among others. Plans can also be customized to allow for tax advantages as applicable under CRA rules.

Full Transparency on Employee Benefits Costs

One of the more important advantages of custom employee benefits plans is complete transparency that allows you to fully understand your benefits costs without the secretive math that often accompanies increases in traditional benefits plan premiums.

We Design Benefits Plans for Every Company and Budget

The Benefits Trust will help you design a benefits plan that fits both your needs and your budget. The size of your company should not compromise the quality of coverage for your employees or your strategic goals.

We specialize in providing flexible comprehensive employee benefits solutions to successful Canadian employers.  Contact us today to learn more.

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