Health Connected: A New Wellness Benefit from The Benefits Trust!

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Health Connected: A New Wellness Benefit from The Benefits Trust!

Employee BenefitsWe are excited to offer a new, innovative health and wellness benefit: Health Connected.  

Health Connected is a cutting-edge digital health and wellness solution uniquely designed to help employees and their dependents live healthy lives and have fun doing it!

This is an attractive offering for benefits plan clients,as proactive health and wellness is a win-win for businesses. Heathier employees are more productive, more engaged, and less often absent. There is also a possibility that as more employees focus on preventative wellness, group insurance premiums could go down (although this hasn’t been directly shown yet). Click here for an article from SmallBizAdvisor: Could healthier lifestyles reduce your clients’ benefits premiums?

With our new benefit, employers can reap the advantages of a healthier workforce. Health Connected enables employees to understand and strategically manage their health over time.

With Health Connected, employees will have access to:

  • Online personal health assessments and tailored medical education
  • 24/7 individual/team tracking and goal setting that leverages the latest advances in wearable devices and health apps (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.)
  • Private and personalized digital health coaching to address risks, lifestyle behaviours, and chronic disease
  • Empowering health challenges
  • A secure system where all personal health data is completely private

Health Connected is supported by MediResource, a leader in consumer healthcare information and digital tools since 1996. As one of a limited number of distributor partners working with MediResource to launch Health Connected this September, we are excited to deliver this wellness solution.

The program goes beyond traditional and intermittent approaches to supporting wellness by leveraging the latest advances in digital and mobile health technologies. It is designed to promote daily engagement and behavioural change over the long term.

>> We are proud to offer this new benefit to our advisors and their clients! If you have any questions about Health Connected or how we can help you build a custom benefits plan, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to discuss the details with you!

Watch this video to learn about The Benefits Trust and what we do!

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