Introducing Our New Claim App for Easy Claim Submission!

Mike Ignatz has managed Business Development at The Benefits Trust since 2005. His drive and focus has helped The Benefits Trust provide better benefits plans to small and mid-sized businesses throughout Canada.

Introducing Our New Claim App for Easy Claim Submission!

2014-11-25_12-56-38We’re excited to announce the launch of our new The Benefits Trust Claim App!

Our job is to customize your benefits plan so it meets your needs. We strive to make benefits plans as easy for you and your employees as we can … so it made sense to us to create an app to give our members an easier way to submit their claims.

It’s convenient and designed to make the experience of submitting a claim as straightforward and quick as possible – and you can make it even easier when you sign up for Direct Deposit.

This app is exclusive to members of group plans administered by The Benefits Trust.

Here’s What You Need to Know

  • This app is completely free!
  • Members can submit their claims by simply taking a picture of their official receipts for the service or expense, including proof of payment.
  • That’s right – no need to mail, scan, or fax your receipts for claim reimbursement.
  • After you take the picture and submit, make sure you keep your original receipts.
  • No need to fill out a claim form.

Claims submitted through the app will go directly to The Benefits Trust claims processing department.

We’ve also included a notification feature in this app, in case we need to send important messages straight to plan members.

Just download the app and start using it right away. We’re certain it will make your claims submission process much easier and member-friendly.

App StoreClick here to download for Apple products.

Google PlayClick here to download for Android devices.

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