Reminder: Overage Dependents Are No Longer Eligible after Graduation

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Reminder: Overage Dependents Are No Longer Eligible after Graduation

overage dependentAs June begins, we would like to remind plan members that coverage for overage dependents (children between the ages of 21-26 who have been attending school full time at an accredited educational institution) ends upon convocationnot the beginning of the next school year. Convocation for graduating post-secondary students is typically in June.

Students returning to school in September who are still under 26 continue to have coverage through to August 31st. Coverage will continue into the new school year once we receive an updated overage dependent form.

Click here to download an overage dependent form for The Benefits Trust.

Additional Reminders Regarding Overage Dependents

  • Parents must provide annual confirmation that the overage dependent is still a full time student at an accredited educational institution.
  • If your child turns 21 in the middle of a school year, please register them as an overage dependent in advance or they may lose access to your coverage. If you do not register them in advance, be sure to submit the appropriate forms as soon as possible to give them coverage once more.
  • Dependent children attending school out of province may require special considerations. You may want to purchase student expatriate coverage to ensure they have more comprehensive coverage while away.
    • In other provinces: They may be eligible for continued coverage under your plan. Be sure to confirm requirements of provincial medicare programs in both your province and the province where your child attends school.
    • Outside of Canada: Typically they are only eligible for emergency medical coverage, limited in duration according to your specific benefits plan.

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