New! Balance Checker for HCSA Plan Members

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New! Balance Checker for HCSA Plan Members

Health Care Spending AccountsDoes your benefits plan with The Benefits Trust include a healthcare spending account (HSA/HCSA)?

You can now easily check the balance on your HSA through our website!

Click here to access the HSA Balance Checker

It’s simple:

  1. 1. Just enter your group number and your personal certificate number into the designated fields. You can find this information on your benefits card provided by The Benefits Trust.
  2. 2. Our system will provide you with your most recent HSA balance, which will be updated once per day.

When a claim is paid for you and your family from your HSA, the Detailed Benefit Statement shows your remaining HSA balance in the current benefit year. With our HSA balance checker, you now have a second way to check the exact amount of funds still available for your use on any CRA eligible medical expenses. This tool makes it easy for you to keep track of your HSA spending and plan your future expenses.

Try it for yourself now! Click here to check your HSA Balance.

The Benefits Trust can help business owners integrate an HSA into their current plan, or build a new customized benefits solution unique to their business. Contact us today!

Check out our FREE eBook for a comprehensive look at HSAs: “The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Healthcare Spending Accounts.”

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