The Little Black Book Of Scams

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The Little Black Book Of Scams


Little Black Book of Scams

We are heading towards the end of fraud prevention month, which also includes benefits fraud, but wanted to leave you with a fantastic resource guide to help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud and scams. This booklet will be helpful to both consumers and businesses all year-round. The Little Black Book of Scams, released by The Competition Bureau of Canada, will help to inform people on how to prevent falling victim to scams such as online scams, fake lotteries, schemes used to defraud people of their money and personal information and even romance scams. The guide is easy to use and packed with information for Canadians to guard themselves against both simple crimes, as well as more intricate scams. The guide will give tips on how to recognize scams, how the scams work and how to better set up your defenses against these scam.

Some highlights include:

  • Myths and Misunderstandings
  • Knowing the Correct Authority to Contact in the Event of a Scam
  • A Directory of Authorities
  • A Thorough Guide for Victims to Follow in the Event of a Scam

We encourage you to take an active role in fighting fraud through staying informed and taking the right steps to reduce your chances in becoming victims.

-Download the PDF for The Little Black Book Of Scams Here –

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