Virtual Care in Canada, Here to Stay!

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Virtual Care in Canada, Here to Stay!

At The Benefits Trust, we’re always striving to add value to our clients.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Right Health/Akira, a Canadian Leader in Virtual Patient Care Solutions.

As the use of virtual care becomes mainstream in the US, Canada is quickly catching up – providing Canadian employers with a new value-driven benefit for employees, while also reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity in the workplace.

While new models in finance, hospitality, and transportation have changed our daily habits, opportunities remain abundant to improve our health. The increasing adoption and utilization of virtual care by Canadian healthcare providers, care settings, and patients themselves, suggest that the mindsets and behaviours of Canadians are shifting in health  – they recognize the power of virtual care and the impact it can make.

Akira, Right Health’s virtual care platform, allows employers to offer timely care and innovative communication for their employees while reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity in the workplace.

  • Timely Care: Akira provides an instant connection between clinicians and patients from anywhere, and at any time – eliminating unnecessary wait times and travel when a physical exam is not required. Patients can reinvest this time in the things that matter: being more present at work, spending quality time with friends and family, and the like.
  • Innovative Communication: Through the Akira virtual care app, a user can log on and immediately begin a conversation with a medical professional by text. This not only ensures quick-responses to health care concerns, but also fosters meaningful relationships. Patients can stay connected and engaged with their care team, while sitting in a meeting or at their desk.
  • Increased productivity: It is no surprise being sick makes an individual less productive. However, widespread absenteeism increases the workload and stress levels of employees, hurting morale and taking a toll on productivity of a workforce overall. Virtual care platforms such as Akira reduce absenteeism by allowing employees to initiate care earlier, get well faster, and support preventive health and wellness year-round.

Right Health/Akira is the latest addition to our list of innovative, independent 3rd party services that can be included as part of any custom benefits plan with The Benefits Trust. Other services include:

  • MediResource (employee wellness programs)
  • ConnectsUs HR™ (HR resources provider)
  • LifeWorks (employee assistance programs)

You can also visit the website at www.akira.md for additional information.

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