What Finance Needs to Know About Employee Benefits

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What Finance Needs to Know About Employee Benefits

Employee benefitsIn the Fall 2014 edition of Canadian Treasurer Magazine, The Benefits Trust’s Robert Crowder (President) and Karen Taylor Smith (Senior Manager, Group Benefits) were interviewed, along with six of the other top benefits consultants in Canada, to comment on the topic of finance and employee benefits.

The article, entitled “Employee Benefits – What Finance Needs to Know”, can be found on page 26 of the magazine.

Written by Karen Treml, the article discusses the relationship that both human resources and finance have with company benefits plans. She delves into the two biggest factors – benefit plan sustainability and the need for benefits plans to accommodate an increasingly multi-generational workforce.

“CFOs are understanding that they have to deal with benefits. But, while they have to know what they are spending their money on, when looking at it from an HR perspective, they need to determine how to get value on the dollar – not just the cheapest price.”

–  Robert Crowder

“Employee Benefits – What Finance Needs to Know” is a great look at the current struggles business owners face when choosing a benefits plan. It also offers valuable advice from experts in the industry on overcoming these challenges and building a benefits plan that is right for your organization’s needs and goals.


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