Happy National Employee Benefits Day 2015!

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Happy National Employee Benefits Day 2015!

employee benefits dayHappy National Employee Benefits Day from everyone at The Benefits Trust!

National Employee Benefits Day is an appreciation event organized by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP). The foundation is dedicated to promoting benefits plan education and overall health for employers and employees alike.

This year’s theme is employee wellness, which includes:

Physical health

Mental health

Community and social

Work wellness

Financial wellbeing

Wellbeing is a combination of many interlocking factors; healthy workplaces understand the importance of getting each of them right.
Of course, wellness has business benefits as well. Companies that focus on wellness programs for their employees are seeing a positive ROI, according to a survey by the IFEBP.

money saved

Employee Benefits Day is a great time for employers to re-evaluate their benefits plans and think about whether their plan is addressing the wellbeing of their employees as well as their business goals.

IFEBP Wellness Resources

  • Wellness program ideas to help you brainstorm how to improve wellness at your own workplace.
  • Well-being quiz (with Gus the cat from the video above) for you to test your overall wellness.

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