Case Study: Eliminating Late Enrollments While Providing Immediate Protection in Factory Setting

Robert Crowder, founder and President of The Benefits Trust, has over 30 years of experience serving pension and employee benefits clients. In 1994, he founded The Benefits Trust as a Third Party Administrator serving small and mid-sized business across Canada. Through Rob Crowder's dedication and leadership, The Benefits Trust has grown into the successful benefits provider that it is today.

Case Study: Eliminating Late Enrollments While Providing Immediate Protection in Factory Setting

At The Benefits Trust, our primary aim is to help business owners build better benefits plans than they can find anywhere else on the marketplace. We do this by tailoring and customizing plans, as opposed to offering generic, one-size-fits-all solutions like traditional insurance carriers.

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a well-known chemical manufacturer to help them provide better benefits via a more strategic rollout plan. This case study will show you what was done and how it positively impacted their business.

The Challenge

When we were contacted by our client, a leading chemical manufacturer, the company was struggling with how to efficiently handle benefits – specifically as it pertained to new employee onboarding. At the time, the benefits administrator had a long list of duties and responsibilities. This caused him to frequently forget to enroll employees in the plan on time. This resulted in late enrollments to the plan.

For our client, the biggest problem with late enrollments was that most employees worked on the factory floor. And while the company did a pretty good job of keeping a safe work environment, there are always inherent risks any time you have a large chemical presence. Prior to our involvement, employees started working on the factory floor from Day 1 after hiring, but their benefits didn’t start until after the traditional three-month probationary period. (That is, if the benefits administrator got the enrollment paperwork in on time.)

When we first met with our client, company officials felt it was extremely pertinent to provide Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) for all employees from Day 1 of employment onward – instead of after the three-month probationary period was complete. So our challenge was to find a process and tailored benefits plan that would work for their needs.

The Solution

Over the years, we’ve learned that every business is unique. And though we thoroughly research every client prior to partnering with them, the most important part of the process is listening.

When we first met with our client, we sat down and focused on asking the right questions to understand the issues they faced. We met with both HR and management, as well as other members of the organization to get a feel for how every aspect of the company worked. This ultimately allowed us to develop a plan that wouldn’t just address the aforementioned problems in isolation, but that would complement the whole organization.

After getting a feel for our client’s specific needs, we went to work designing a custom plan that provided AD&D coverage from the very first day of employment. This ensures employees are protected before they ever walk onto the factory floor. We also made sure employees continue to receive the balance of the benefits after three months.

The Result

As soon as the new benefits plan was introduced into the client’s HR and onboarding processes, the company noticed a shift in how employees and management felt about new hires. There was no more walking on eggshells or worrying about whether something would happen.

Since implementation, the late enrollment problem has gone away and liability has been reduced with immediate AD&D enrollment. The company has been able to provide the necessary coverage to protect employees, while deferring most of the costs of the full benefits plan until after the 90-day probationary period comes to a close. The staff reports feeling a greater sense of appreciation and loyalty from the company.

Shortly after the plan started, a new employee was tragically killed in an unfortunate vehicular accident in her first week on the job. However, because of the immediate AD&D enrollment, her family was able to claim the accidental death coverage to help pay for expenses.


At The Benefits Trust, we help successful business owners provide superior benefits plans. And because we design custom plans that the typical insurance carriers don’t provide, we’re able to work with both traditional and non-traditional businesses. Contact us today to learn more!

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